Luke Hocking is recognised as one of Melbourne's finest magicians and corporate entertainers. Blending expert sleight of hand and comedy, he leaves his audience astounded and is a guaranteed hit at any function. Renowned for his innovative performances, Luke is a modern day magician. Luke has a creative flair that he works into his show, making him a one of a kind entertainer.

Weaving his craft in all sorts of venues this Melbourne Magician is heavily sought after for corporate events and private parties. Performing for audiences large and small, Luke can customise his show to fit any function and audience. No matter how big or small the event Luke will add life to ensure it is a memorable success. Press Release (30th April 2012)

"Cheeky, funny and mind blowing" - Adelaide theatre guide [2012]

Press Release

How to Bring Magic to Your Next Corporate Event!
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Luke Hocking will bring sizzle to your next corporate event. He is an award-winning Australian magician who draws his audiences into the show. People of all ages are amazed and charmed by his feats of magic and by his comedic talent. Luke's ability to generate such positive feelings in his audience causes his shows to be great icebreakers at corporate events. The audience interaction with his magic sets the stage for people's positive participation throughout the corporation's entire event. Luke is able to deliver the company's message in a manner that is always clean and appropriate. This Melbourne magician specializes in corporate entertainment, astounding his audiences with his hilarious magic. His friendly manner with both children and adults provides quality entertainment you can depend on.

Whatever the size of the audience, the magic shows are funny and interesting. Luke's roving magic astonishes everyone. His card tricks are superlative; there is just no other word for it. Whether or not you are fortunate enough to sit at the table with him while he performs these mesmerizing sleights of hand, it is amazing to see the cards come to life in his hands. Audiences leave the show still trying to figure out how he did it all.

The magic would be fabulous if he never said a word, but his gift of the gab ensures a hilarious magic performance. A review by the Herald Sun said, "Such Laughter Is Pure Magic." In a setting that feels close-up and intimate, the showgoers can be amazed and laugh at the same time. He mingles, chats and astounds. He is approachable, very, very talented, truly funny and always professional. One of Luke's funniest tricks involves a live goldfish, but you'll have to see the show to find out what happens. His originality makes him one of the premiere performers at both corporate events and private parties. The Adelaide Theatre Guide reported, “4.5 Stars... There is not a moment of this show that does not inspire a gasp, a laugh, or more usually both.”

Luke Hocking epitomizes finesse and style when performing. Impossible Occurrences, his exclusive magic show in Melbourne, Australia, delights audiences with his unbelievable displays of illusion, magic and mindreading. He maintains a personal, intimate atmosphere by limiting shows to only 40 participants. On-stage at the Melbourne Magic Festival, his shows are always sold out. He is equally proficient in both large and small venues, performing brilliantly both on-stage and in walk around shows where he mingles with guests. In fact, he seems to particularly enjoy the personal interaction of the more intimate settings. As an entertainer for a multitude of corporate events, he always leaves his audience wishing for more. His original and exciting performances are always well-remembered.

Corporate events reflect upon the company. Organizers can be assured that all viewers will have a wonderful time as they sit spellbound by his performance. Luke Hocking's humor is never crude, cruel or belittling to anyone. Event planners can be assured that he will be there as scheduled. While his home is in Australia, where he honed his craft, he frequently travels the world to meet his many commitments. Travel is never a problem.

With over 500 shows under his belt, this outstanding performer with over 15 years' experience can be counted on for timely comments and a reliable performance. This outstanding magician has performed for many corporate clients, including Fortune 500 companies. When booking corporate entertainment, you get what you paid for with his hilarious magic. Luke ensures that you always get your monies worth.

Short videos on his website offer vignettes from various performance. These give a feel for what can be expected. He is known for always giving more than 100%. Find out for yourself why he is so sought after.

For more information, Luke Hocking may be contacted at He may also be reached by phone at 0407 514 551 or email at

Magician Luke Hocking Is Premiere Corporate Entertainer
Renowned Melbourne Magician Luke Hocking
Makes Any Corporate Event More Memorable

For Immediate Release

Every event planner's choice of corporate entertainment is a direct reflection on the quality and creativity of the company hosting the event. That is why smart event planners trust renowned Melbourne Magician Luke Hocking to deliver the kind of corporate entertainment that is classy, fun and memorable for attendees of all ages. Long after the details of corporate lectures and conferences are forgotten, the magical entertainment offered by Luke Hocking as the centerpiece of the event will be a point of conversation for months to come.

Luke Hocking personifies why smart corporate event planners look to talented professional magicians to provide them with corporate entertainment that is tailor-made for their audience. Hocking can create an entertaining magic show to suit either small and intimate or huge annual corporate meeting audiences, in both small or large venues with equal success. Luke Hocking is well known for successfully lacing his sleight of hand magic tricks with wit and clever humour, creating an immediate connection between himself and members of his audience.

One of the best qualities that magician Luke Hocking brings to the table when presenting a magic performance for a corporate event or even as kids party entertainment, is the ability to keep and hold the attention of his audience. There is an electrified air of excitement that is palpable when Luke Hocking is centerstage, inviting members of his audience to suspend their normal disbelief and become child-like again in their awe and wonder of the illusions he is sharing with them.

As one of the top professional magicians in Australia, Luke Hocking is an expert at designing a theatrical show that will offer the right level of sophistication for a specific corporate audience. The performance he offers is always one of a kind. One of the benefits of choosing a professional magician such as Luke Hocking is that his brand of corporate entertainment is unique and as far removed from cookie-cutter entertainment as is possible.

A professional magician like Luke Hocking adds the wow factor to any corporate event. Having a magician of Hocking's caliber on the bill offers a wonderful way for corporate event planners to promote attendance at their special event. Companies who have used Hocking's entertainment services in the past always note that their level of participation is always much higher when Hocking is announced as the featured entertainment attraction for whatever the event, including fund raising dinner, annual conference, sales meeting or educational workshop.

Hiring magician Luke Hocking provides superior return on investment. Not only is the audience impressed that a company has the foresight to treat their guests to the talents of a man already recognized as one of the greatest entertainers in the country, but also honored as one of the top magicians throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area and Australia. Hocking serves as a goodwill ambassador for the company sponsoring the event's entertainment and as such, attendees walk away from the event with a much higher opinion of their corporate host in addition to new-found respect that the entertainment featured as a highlight of their event was top of the line and five-star all the way.

The sophistication level of audiences has become much higher in the 21st century than ever before and also much harder to please. And the expectations of the audience when being entertained puts even greater pressure on both the entertainer and sponsoring corporate entity. But magician Luke Hocking never fails to impress, shock, awe and inspire his audience with a flair that incorporates magic, humour, good taste and creativity. Hocking is equally at ease performing magical illusions for a small group of youngsters celebrating a birthday party as he is performing before jaded corporate directors of the board who often think that they have already seen it all.

Hocking has performed for corporate events hosted by some of the most successful companies in the world, including Qantas, Anz and Disney. He has received high praise in testimonials from some of the toughest and most discriminating audience members and he always manages to leave a lasting impression with a tailor-made magic performance that impresses and inspires his audience. Event planners who wish there was a magical solution to guarantee the success of their corporate event need only turn to magician Luke Hocking to fulfill that wish! For a taste of what to expect when hiring Luke Hocking Magic & Comedy, visit and experience firsthand Hocking's engaging stage show technique as well as his popular walkaround/close-up show.

Sleight of hand magic, perfect for corporate entertainment

There is one element that almost every corporate gathering requires but is frequently lacking—entertainment. You do not want the run-of-the mill, tell a few jokes or sing some oldies but goodies. This will not do the trick. In fact, the real trick is to have someone who knows tricks that will amaze, baffle, and entertain you.

When looking for outstanding corporate entertainment, there is no need to look beyond Luke Hocking.

A resident of Melbourne, Australia, Luke Hocking is a sleight of hand magician. He will not be sawing anybody in half, pulling rabbits out of the hat, turning water into flowers or wiggling out of a set of chains while submerged underwater.

Hocking is going to entertain you with a steady flow of sleight of hand tricks where the impossible, happens right before your eyes. No matter how closely you look, the secret behind the trick will always evade you.

A link is available on Luke Hocking’s website that explains more about his show options. When seeking corporate entertainment, you want something different and that is what you get with Luke Hocking. It is an intimate setting where Hocking gives a sophisticated performance with his feats of magic, illusion and mind-reading.

Some magicians use some method of diversion by getting you to look one way, while the magician or his assistant does something to set up a trick. This Melbourne magician does not depend on such techniques. He just does things that can only be described as magical.

With Luke Hocking as your featured entertainer, you do not need to construct elaborate sets or scenery. There is no veil of secrecy. What you see on stage is what you get. What you get is an unforgettable evening of entertainment.

Hocking specializes in sleight of hand magic. Sleight of hand magic is most often used in small settings. Sleight of hand can also be performed upon the stage. The art will usually fall within the categories of switchers, exchanges or replacement of objects, cards, and other items. There is one more category for sleight of hand magic. This "other" category can include a variety of tricks. This would include some that are unique to the performer and others that may have been performed by other magicians.

Magic is fun. It is not supernatural or anything such as that. Luke Hocking's goal is to entertain, and he does this with his pleasant and sophisticated demeanor, his sense of humor, and his charm, which appears effortless. However, you will see things that you will not be able to explain regardless of how closely you watch.

The Melbourne-based magician is in high demand for corporate events and private parties. He can adjust his performance for large audiences and small groups. Regardless of the size of your event, Luke Hocking can add the different entertaining experience the attendees will remember and will be talking about for a long time.

The Melbourne Magician offers two types of shows. He has a 45-minute stage show suited for live audiences. It involves his signature charm, plenty of comedy, and audience participation. His set show is described as a walk-around / close-up show. In this show, Hocking will mingle with guests and perform his highly visual magic and expertly dazzle the audience with his sleight of hand entertainment. walk-around show is a great conversation starter, allowing guests to get acquainted, relax, and enjoy themselves.

Hocking has earned much praise over the years. In 2011, the Walt Disney Company described him as “a true highlight enjoyed by the kids and adults." In 2012, the Herald Sun said he was ”funny and most importantly entertaining.”

Although based in Melbourne Australia, travel is not an issue. To learn more about this unique magician or to find information on how-to book him for your next event, go to You will be taking the first step toward providing your group with an outstanding evening of entertainment.