Press Release (30th April 2012)
Luke Hocking is among the most favorite corporate entertainment magicians in Melbourne, Australia. His humor and magic always leave the audience mesmerized. Hocking presents a new way of magic that is quite far from the ancient art form. His magical prowess takes his audience to a whole new level of fun to have an enchanting experience.

Luke Hocking creates a modern visual and psychological deception that is mixed and matched with stunning comedic performance. Kids and adults alike find his shows different from the older style performances with all the wands and capes. Hocking is marvelously funny with flawless sleight of hand expertise. There have been many positive audience reviews about this young magician. Most of them do not expect a magician to be as cool as Hocking. This is simply because he tries to avoid the clichés.

There are no rabbits and doves. There are no weird costumes or loads of props. All there is in Hocking's shows are surprises that no one has ever seen before in a magic show. The audience appreciates how the magician complements magic and comedy. Traditional magicians do not try to make audiences laugh. This is perhaps the greatest advantage that Luke Hocking has. He makes on-the-spot comments and jokes that truly awaken the audience. He makes sure that his shows are both entertaining and interactive.

The real magic is that Luke Hocking is an insurance worker during the day. He is a business and commerce graduate. He is a part-time magician and only performs two to four corporate magic shows every month. Magic is his passion. The young magician has even admitted that he is fascinated with what he is doing. He does things that are not normally done. He can perform fresh and new tricks out of the old magical style. Hocking discovered his magical skill when he was young. He started by learning a few tricks from his father.

Luke Hocking has now become among the finest corporate entertainment magicians in Melbourne. He has already done many successful shows, and he performs regularly throughout the year. He can perform shows wholeheartedly regardless of the number of people watching him or the size of the venue. In fact, he does customized shows depending on the number of people in the crowd. He makes sure that every magic trick he does makes every person smile and remember.

Luke Hocking prepares two kinds of shows. The stage show has been designed for a large crowd. This program runs for 45 minutes. It consists of amazing magic and comedy performance with audience participation. On the other hand, the close up or the walk around show is for private functions. This program provides a relaxing and magical environment for all the guests. He makes sure that every person in the venue enjoys his visual magic and witty jokes. Most importantly, he wants to correct audience misconceptions and preconceptions about magic.

Luke Hocking sometimes does shows with other magicians. Alex de la Rambelje and Vyom Sharma shared the same stage with him in their show held at Bull and Bear Tavern called A Modern Deception: More Diabolical Magic. The show was declared successful and certainly mind blowing. Kids and adults flock to their shows. Reviews written after the show were very positive. The three young performers gave magic a modern facelift. The audience unanimously agreed that the show was indeed modern deception as promised. The three magicians have their own unique style when performing. They work as a team when they share the stage. There is no obvious competition. It is simply magic and entertainment.

Luke Hocking also has standalone shows like the Comedy Magic Show held earlier this year. The show captivated the hearts of the audience. It was packed with magic and comedy, and it was very wholesome. The energetic magician made sure that the kids would love his tricks and appreciate magic. Hocking sometimes combines old tricks with a whole new approach. He does a bit of mind reading, card and puppet tricks. He had also performed successfully in his past show entitled Magic and Stuff.

Luke Hocking shows ensure that every trick will inspire a gasp, laugh or more. He always leaves the audience with many questions. They often leave the venue scratching their heads and wondering how the magician did it. He makes sure that they will come back for more. Audiences never get enough of him.

All of Hocking's shows leave a distinct impression on the audience. Luke Hocking's shows are often ranked among the top magical shows in Melbourne. The magician himself does not deny that there are times he messes up his tricks. This is quite normal for these kinds of shows. Fortunately, Hocking's ability to turn the mess into a joke is quite impressive. With this, the crowd appreciates his talent more. The stage embarrassment is inevitable. With wit, Luke Hocking handles it smoothly. His shows always leave a good impression on audiences that demand more magic.

Luke Hocking shows are waiting for magic enthusiasts in Melbourne. The magic expert has prepared shows for everyone. His magical performances are always fresh and new. Audiences of all ages will never be disappointed. They will get to see unfamiliar tricks that leave their mind boggled with questions.

Corporate entertainment magicians like Luke Hocking are great picks rather than plain comedians. There are many reasons why choosing them is more fun. Corporate entertainment magicians bring out a lot of surprises. Their styles are unpredictable and interesting. They are visually and psychologically stimulating. Guests can enjoy the magic and the thrill. They will leave the venue mesmerized. One drawback of opting for comedians rather than magicians is that they are sometimes inappropriate. Magicians can combine mystery, drama and humor at the same time.

However, choosing the best corporate entertainment magicians is quite challenging. Companies should only hire those with superb magical ability and do away with the traditional magicians. They are quite boring, and their tricks are very common. Magicians like Luke Hocking will create a more exciting environment. He can effectively handle corporate events like company awards ceremonies or product launches. Most importantly, he can customize his tricks depending on the type of crowd. Companies can have the right corporate entertainment for the right event with highly skilled magicians.